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Direct Legal Support provides the ability to e-file civil, probate, and small claims filings in various California jurisdictions, including Orange County, San Francisco, and Riverside. You can e-file in California for as low as $7.95 with Direct Legal. Please call us at (877) 288-3595 for details.

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About Direct Legal

Direct Legal Support is a California process server that provides e-filing, process service, court reporting, and other litigation support services throughout the state and nationwide. Since its inception in 1961, Direct Legal has focused on providing clients with a full range of litigation support services to law firms, insurance companies, businesses, and individuals throughout California and nationally.

About E-Filing in California

Many courts in California offer the option to e-file your court documents like civil, probate, and small claims filings. Recently, several California courts are moving towards mandatory e-filing. Orange County, San Francisco, and Riverside Superior Courts require mandatory e-filing. In such instances, Direct Legal can assist you to e-file in accordance to the local court rules.

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You can e-file your documents in various California courts with Direct Legal via our e-filing portal or emailing us the documents. Additional handling and processing fees may apply.


E-Filing is required by local court rules throughout California and Direct Legal can expedite the process for you, saving you time and hassle.


Direct Legal has over 50 years of experience in the legal support industry. That experience has led us to being industry leaders that stay up-to-date on what courts require.


Direct Legal utilizes leading technology for its e-filing portal to integrate with various court database to transfer your filings into their system.

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